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Compared to other elements of your house, investing in a bathroom properly may yield the largest returns on your money. Knowing the specifics is crucial to having the most effective, high-quality bathroom for your money. Each element, including its pricing and installation, must be carefully studied, from the plumbing to the fixtures. Here are a few things to think about, along with the associated expenses, when having a bathroom built. 

Procure quality plumbing


The plumbing in your bathroom is the first and most crucial factor. Engage a qualified contractor and plumber for arranging the plumbing and make sure that high-quality pipes are utilised if you are building a new bathroom. If you are remodelling a bathroom, avoid moving the plumbing unless it is absolutely required because doing so might drive up expenses and necessitate costly construction. Replace any broken pipes, if necessary, with new ones that are better suited to your requirements and any improved fittings.

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Supplies and price:


Pipes with spigot joints or collar joints cost between PKR 250 and PKR 1000 per running foot

(Ask your plumber about the required specifications) 

Install long-lasting tiles.


Your bathroom's tiling determines its aesthetic. In order for the tiles to survive for a very long time without suffering any harm, you must also make sure that they are sturdy and fitted correctly. Choose bathroom tiles that are appropriate for the amount of traffic they will receive as well as the design motif of your house from a variety of materials, including ceramic and even glass. Your possibilities for bathroom tiling are virtually endless because ceramic is the most popular and typically durable material used in bathroom tiling. It is also available in an amazing variety of colours and styles. Keep in mind that installation fees vary by location and can include the cost of other supplies and tile cutting. 

Supplies and price:

Ceramic tiles


Depending on the company, they may cost anywhere from PKR 50/ft2 to PKR 300/ft2 and more and come in a broad range of styles and colours. 

Costs of installation


Installation charges typically range from PKR 15/ft2 to PKR 80/ft2, depending on your location and the details of your bathroom. 

Purchase accessories that will make your bathroom sparkle.


The one bathroom item where you can go all out and make a statement is the fixtures. There are several alternatives available for every price range whether selecting faucets, sinks, toilets, or showers. What styles and finishes you desire for your fixtures and how much you intend to spend on them are entirely up to you. You can get bathroom fixtures to fit your needs and preferences by looking into what worked out around you. Fixtures are an area where pricing might vary greatly. 

Costs and materials:


Shower jet systems and shower cabins come at an additional expense. 



Depending on the material, size, shape, and finish, it varies.

The entire cost of building a bathroom might vary greatly, on average. According to experts, the starting price for a high-quality bathroom might range from PKR 90,000 to PKR 150,000, with the sky being the limit.

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