28 Jun

We seldom ever have the choice of compromising on the quality of the materials used in house building and finishing. Thinking best implies choosing imported goods? I'm sorry to break the news to you, but that is untrue.

Pakistan has some of the top industries, each distinguished for its particular goods.

Particularly in the case of the construction industry. The results won't be disappointing if you use locally produced goods for the construction of an A-category house. The finest part is that producers of sanitary fittings, tiles, paints, various fittings, and wooden items are regarded for their expertise and high product quality throughout the business.

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Additionally, local products' designs, alternatives, and finish quality have significantly increased, making it regretless to choose them over their imported equivalents. If you're willing to display the "Made in Pakistan" phrase, swap out your imported home decor for those made with love locally; 

1. Flooring


Pakistan produces the best marble in the world.. We export unfinished marble to several nations, who then finish it and sell it for considerably greater prices. Granite is also produced in Pakistan, but because it is more expensive than marble, there is less market demand. Similar to marble, granite is also sold to other nations and then bought here at greater prices by others. Additionally, a wide range of ceramic tiles are produced locally, and some sellers can accept special orders.

The price of marble tiles rises as the tile's size, thickness, and kind, obviously, change. Among these varieties, Badal, Lasbela Marbel, Nowshehra Pink, Sunny Grey, and Ziarat are the most well-liked. Price per square metre ranges from PKR 400 to PKR 3450 depending on size, thickness, and kind.

There are a tonne of possibilities when it comes to ceramic tiles. Their prices per square metre range from PKR 630 to PKR 970 depending on the size, quality, colour, and thickness.

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2. Paint


Numerous local manufacturers provide supplies that meet your needs for paint jobs as well. There is a great deal of variation in this area, providing the appropriate type of finish for various interior and exterior housing features. Master Paints, Brighto Paints, Happilac Paints, Diamond Paints, and a dozen more names are among the most well-known of them.

There are several types of paint available, including waterproofing paint, weather-shield paint, plastic emulsion paint, synthetic emulsion paint, gloss enamel, and matt finish. People may choose the brand and type of paint based on their budget thanks to the broad price range. Local brands' per-liter prices range from PKR 264 to PKR 500. 

3. Accessories and sanitary fittings for bathrooms


Many individuals are fine with using local brands for their paint jobs and flooring, but they find it less enticing to use locally made bathroom accessories and sanitary fittings. That can be the case since they haven't had a chance to look at locally made goods.

Many of these products genuinely have excellent design, usefulness, and finishing. Not to add that manufacturing of hidden toilet sets has begun in Pakistan. Expect to see a variety of styles and pricing points as more firms launch their lines of hidden toilet sets and wash basins.

In addition to the items already stated, you should choose locally made locks, door knobs, and handles over imported counterparts. It is one of the numerous methods to support Pakistani small businesses and the local economy. Not to add that each of these products is as excellent as or often even superior to imported products. Buy Pakistani products to show that you are a Pakistani.

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